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The Fellow

The Body is a System is currently the only physically printed comic by Cate Wurtz.  It was printed by The Cavalry Press in March of 2011, and contains a 24 page self-contained story.  It was also included in Lamezone Collection Two. The story follows a Fellow who is in the woods and is going to pick up a pizza. Throughout the story he is watched and followed by a wolf, and strange occurrences take place such as a random piano with distant cheering as its played, unknown forces harming the fellow, a sexy non-existent voice, and a flock of dangerous birds. By the end of the story the Fellow meets up with the delivery man who gives him his pizza and a ride in his car. It is then revealed that the fellow, missing an arm and bleeding out big time, is dead as Death greets him. An explanation about how the body is a system is given in the end.

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Links to Download/Purchase

Lamezone Collection Two

The Cavalry Press (Can't be bought anymore as it was limited printing in 2011, but keeping up for sake of showing where it used to be hosted for purchase.)