This Kid/That Kid playing mini-golf.

"Lovable and sweet, but far too trusting for her or anyone else's good. Fairly impressive collection of "My Enormous Horse" figurines, even owning two of the very rare green-eyed "Seabeam Stallion" figures. Allegedly the queen of Ynce Iche."
- Official Crow-acters Guide
That Kid/This Kid is a Lamezone character who debuted in Lamezine 002, and has a co-starring role in Crow Cillers as a member of the titular group, along with Emma LeeJillCortney Corvidae, and Doris E. Clark.


That Kid is a young student at St. Puke City Elementary and friends with Emma Lee. She also considers herself friends with Ru'mel, but it is one-sided. She has a small friends group despite being very outgoing. Her name is currently unknown.

Her bio on the Official Lamezine Official TCG cards says:

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"THAT KID: from school. she just wants to hang out and maybe play laser tag. anyway whats your deviantart page"