Badplace revolves around the tale of 2 demons who decide to steal the vital AC from Ghostzone. Without the AC, Ghostzone is doomed to melt, alongside all the ghosts. But while stealing the AC the 2 demons are transported to the realm of the living thanks to the help of Moya. Meanwhile a conspiracy is among us, a deal between the rulers of Badplace and Ghostzone. The deal is that upon the melting of Ghostzone, Ghostzone ruler will rule alongside the Badplace ruler. To avoid any suspicions she sends a guard to hunt down the AC.

Badplace (Area)

Badplace is where demons reside, it seems to be the opposite to Ghostzone, it's ruled by Queen Demon Princess . This area, unlike ghost zone, is extremely hot. 

I guess you could say it's the equivalent to hell?


Demon 1

Overall jerk, she hates the overall heat in badplace and decides to make it her and her friend's mission to steal the AC. Much like other demons she tends to have a pretty evil agenda including being a massive douche.

Like seriously those beers she stole wasn't from her fucking house, for real though.

She ain't foolin anyone.


"Let's steal the ghost's air conditioner."

Demon 2

Tends to be more easy going, yet still a douche like his fellow demons. He tends to stay more on track than his partner in AC stealing crime. He seems to be easily convinced by his fellow female demon. While high he agreed to stealing AC, and while sober he began to regret the choice yet was quickly convinced to steal the AC again.


"man chill out damn"